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ETTEHAD Motor Industrial Group with a history of a quarter of a century, after its establishment ETTEHAD Motor and Lola Khodro companies in 1369, BONYAN SANAT AVAL in 1376 and KIMIA Motor in 1379, established themselves as an industrial group introduced in the automotive parts industry and is still progressing and developing. Factories of this big group. Up to Now there are more than 16 large companies that produce more than hundreds of different parts for the use of domestic and sometimes foreign car manufacturers. It also provides most of the country's market needs.
Currently, more than 4,500 people are directly employed in the following companies. The ETTEHAD Motor Group is active, as well as more than 600 small and large suppliers which cooperate in the rotation of the wheels of the country's economy. Many of the products produced by this group apart from OEM, uses in the Automobile spare parts aftermarket. These products are sold under the IREMCO brand and are among the popular brands of domestic market.

Etihad Industrial Group

In order to achieve its goals, this organization has always tried to attract the technical knowledge of the leading companies in this industry. Based on this philosophy, the ETTEHAD have agreed with famous companies to knowledge transfer like as : Beru Germany, Valeo France, Faurecia France, KWANGJIN South Korea and KESENS China in the production of its products. Continues strives with all its might to position itself among the best in the field of product quality and to upgrade the car industry in Iran

Etihad Industrial Group

ETTEHAD MOTOR Group has also taken important steps with the aim of self-sufficiency, improvement and development of its products. This group have established a special design and development team in 2011. Highly experienced and expert engineers using of the most advanced design and analysis software as well as various workshop facilities have succeeded in carrying out important projects in the field of improving the performance of products and adding new products to its product portfolio.

At present, ETTEHAD group factories consists of ETTEHAD PLAST ALBORZ, ETTEHAD LENT PISHRO SANAT, ETTEHAD PISHRO MARZAN, ETTEHAD SHAFT, ETTEHAD MODERN BATTERY, BONYAN SANAT AVAL, LOLA KHODRO and KIMIYA Motor forming an industrial group which have given a great deal and are trying to play a worthy role in the rotation of the wheels of industry and economy of our beloved country.

Etihad Industrial Group
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Ettehad Plast - ISO 9001:2015

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Ettehad Motor - IATF16949 :2016

Ettehad Motor -ISO 9001:2015

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