Research and development of Ittihad Industrial Group

Research and Development


Research and development in the Ettehad component group

Research and Development department of ETTEHAD Motor Industrial Group was established and began to operate with the approach of transferring the knowledge of reputable companies in the world in 2002. During his career, it has successfully completed many research & development projects which brings the experiences turned into a technical knowledge generating rather than relying solely on the transfer of knowledge and technology from others. ETTEHAD has become the owner of indigenous technical knowledge and in this regard with the end the strength continues on its way. The activities of this field can be generally divided into sections divided below.

Two and three-dimensional design(2D&3D) and modeling of all designs and projects using state of the art softwares in the field of product design.

Performance analysis, simulation and optimization of products and processes.

Evaluation and validation of the initial sample of the product or system until reaching the stage approval of mass production.

International knowledge transfer and then indigenization and self-sufficiency by taking advantage of the best specialists in the field of reverse engineering.