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About ETTEHAD Motor Industrial Group

ETTEHAD Motor Industrial Group is one of the largest holdings in the automotive industry of IRAN and started its activity with the establishment of ETTEHAD Motor Company in 1989. From that time until now with all its strength to the process of its growth and development continued and now has 15 factories as its sub-companies. The factories are located in different provinces of the country and covers a wide range of Auto parts. It is always trying to produce high quality and durable products using fully automatic production lines. The product Research and Development(R&D) department is being implemented for designing and manufacturing new products. Use new methods in designing and development of products based on the world's current standards and applying of fully mechanized and robotic lines in production is the factor of success in making standard parts and customer satisfaction. Currently, the products of this group are manufactured according to global standards and is exported to other neighboring, Asian and European countries.

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The latest news in Ettehad

The latest news in Ettehad