Competitive advantages of Etihad Industrial Group

Competitive Advantages


1- Automation of production lines

2- Transferring the world's best knowledge and technology

3- Producing indigenous knowledge and designing new parts .

Конкурентные преимущества в сфере технологий

1- Advanced and complete laboratories

2- Using high-quality raw materials in the production of products

3- Research and development unit using industry elites

4- Production under the license of reputable international companies

Конкурентные преимущества в области качества

1- Continuous attention to localization and depth of self-sufficiency in the production of products, which led to the reduction of the cost price in favor of It becomes a consumer.

2- Attention to the issue of job creation and preservation of national capital in the field of economy and human resources

3- Providing the best quality with the most competitive price

Конкурентные преимущества в области цены